28 April 2017

INVESTOR WARNING! Do not invest on the online platform FXLider

The Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AFSA) alerts investors on the risk of investing on the online platform http://www.fxlider.com!

Pursuant to Law No. 9879, dated 21.02.2008 “On securities” and Decision No. 55, dated 30.03.2011 “On the recognition of the activity performed by the licensed broker in securities”, a foreign brokerage firm is allowed to provide its investment services via an “agent”, with its registered office established in the Republic of Albania, after AFSA’s authorization.

The platform www.fxlider.com does not have any authorized agent to provide investment services in the Republic of Albania.

Therefore AFSA urges investors to exercise extreme caution when considering a decision on accepting an offer made via www.fxlider.com website, or an offer made through telephone calls, as AFSA does not monitor the lawfulness of business operations of the foreign brokerage firm operating under the brand name www.fxlider.com. AFSA does not have influence on the protection of interests of investors dealing with companies and/or persons who do not possess AFSA’s authorization.

In case you receive any notification by e-mail or phone calls from subjects which are not authorized by AFSA, offering financial products and/or services, please contact us on the following e-mail address: [email protected] or call at + 355 (0) 4 2257560 or call in green number 0800 6969.

The list of the companies possessing AFSA’s authorization to provide investment services is available on AFSA’s official website, under the following link http://www.amf.gov.al/tletrave.asp?id=1&s=1 .